Friday, 11 April 2014

Revisiting Remembrance - Part 3

The final part of my visits to the locations of Remembrance of the Daleks are to streets between Waterloo  and Southwark stations.  Easy to find and largely recognisable 25 years on from filming, they set the scenes for the Renegade Dalek base and fighting between the factions in episode 4.

As with many London locations in Doctor Who, the site has been regenerated and warehouses and empty looking buildings have been made habitable.  The warehouse of the Ratcliffe's building firm has been cleaned up and some walls and fences altered, but is still recognisable.

Directly opposite the yard is the small door through which the Doctor and Ace hide from the Daleks.  The lamppost is gone but the 'beware of the dog' label on the door has left a mark.

Turning right out of the yard to face west on Theed Street, a rather anachronistic tower building can be seen in the distance, and is distinctive in the photo today.  Remembrance is littered with such anachronisms...

Escaping Ratcliffe's yard the Doctor and Ace run south down Windmill Street with a Dalek following...

As soon as the Dalek is gone, the Doctor and Ace run down the street which looks very similar today other than the removal of some bollards.

The tunnel at the end of the street in the pictures above are the setting for the Dalek confrontation in episode four.  Renovations to the left are significant, but the corner of the building is recognisable.

While buildings behind the Imperial Daleks are again very similar in appearance today as in the story.

Lastly is the final confrontation on Theed Street between the Black Dalek and the Doctor.  The Black Dalek turns left out of Ratcliffe's yard to look East and see the black van of the Countermeasures group arriving.

The Doctor approaches the Black Dalek from the van.
"I have defeated you. You no longer serve any purpose."

From Southwark, to Hammersmith and Willesden, Remembrance of the Daleks has several heavily used filming locations that are well recognisable today and satisfying to visit.  Maybe one day I'll make it to the Kew Bridge Steam Museum, aka the scrapyard of I M Foreman.

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