Thursday, 3 April 2014

Revisiting Remembrance - part 1

It's almost hard to believe that the 25th anniversary itself is now 25 years old making Remembrance of the Daleks around the halfway point of Doctor Who history.  Watching it again recently, I can see why it's among the more popular McCoy stories, and is genuinely good stuff.  It's one of the Daleks' better outings which cannot really be said of Silver Nemesis as a celebration with the cybermen.  There are several main locations used in the story and as they are relatively local I found myself taking a detour to a couple.  The first being Willesden Lane cemetery, or Paddington Lane cemetery.

The cemetery is used for several scenes throughout the story, where the Doctor buries the Hand of Omega.  At the entrance to the cemetery is where Mike Smith leaves the phone box and is followed in by enemy Dalek agent and Headteacher, played by Michael Sheard.

There are two chapels on site, the first by the entrance is seen as the Headteacher attacks Mike...

But is killed by his Dalek masters.

At the back of the cemetery is the Hand of Omega grave site itself.

Everything in the cemetery seems a little more overgrown compared to the TV story, I'm not sure if it's the passing of time or the time of year, perhaps it all looks more green in the summer.  There's currently a lot of earthworks taking place in the grounds and some graves have been moved.

After Mike has reported back to him, Ratcliffe investigates the cemetery...

And finds the Omega grave, later observed exhuming the Hand by the girl.

Just beyond the Omega grave is the grave from which Ratcliffe takes the metal rod to test the site.  Now this grave is particularly sunken but recognisable.

 The cemetery is seen just once more in the story for Mike's funeral in which the main chapel is featured.  Currently it is has been fenced off with notices warning of falling masonry and stands unused.

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