Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Doctor Who Experience - Revisitied

On a return visit to Wales I decided to go again to the Experience this time to take my girlfriend as she had not seen it.  Also they had apparently made some alterations with Capaldi as the new Doctor to look forward to.

Actually quite a bit has changed and been moved around, and a lot of additions have been made.  The interactive part has changed quite a lot, now with Peter Capaldi doing the interactive parts for the crowd on screen, the story that visitors go through is different and the scenes you have to pass though have changed.  It's not simply the same experience with Capaldi doing new inserts in place of Matt Smith, it is a different story.

Elsewhere lots of the props have had a move around.  The main entrance is now home to a couple of Daleks and lots of things related to the timelords.  These include the new chancellery guard, the old timelord robes, TVM Master robes, Rassilon robes and a female timelord robes that I didn't recognise but am assuming was from Day of the Doctor. 

There's now a full section covering the start of the show using props from 'An Adventure in Space and Time'.  Upstairs lots of new things have appeared and a few old.  The original Web of Fear Yeti that was absent last time has now reappeared looking very moth-eaten!

The Daleks are out in the middle of the room now as well as scattered throughout the museum.  There are also a lot more companion costumes than I recall including a couple of older ones.  Yes, that is Liz Sladen's dreadful pink outfit from the Five Doctors...

There were plenty of additions from Capaldi's last series as well as small sprops and behind-the-scenes type of displays.  We were inside 1 hour and 45 minutes so there is plenty to see as long as you don't rush.  Costumes of most monsters, every Doctor, many companions, a huge amount of stuff and well lit in most cases.  I attended a film costume display at the V&A a couple of years ago and it was expensive, clearly over-sold leading to over crowding to the point where you could barely move inside, displays were poorly lit and with a total ban on photography.  None of even these things apply to the Doctor Who Experience which comes highly recommended and worthy of a repeat visit if you have not been since the renovation for the latest series with Peter Capaldi.

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