Sunday, 1 June 2014

Doctor Who Experience - Cardiff

A couple of months ago I had a chance to visit the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay as I missed out while it was in London.  The Bay itself has been used many times for filming various New Series and Torchwood episodes, so it's somewhat fitting that the Experience come there.  The price was £13 for adults if booked in advance online, and I'd say on balance that it was worth it given size of the exhibition and the time spent there.  The Experience is split into to sections, the first a walk through interactive part with film of Matt Smith's Doctor talking to the crowd and various things moving and talking.  The section set on the Dalek saucer with a fleet of ships appearing out the window was probably best.  No photos are allowed during this section, so I have none to show and the mystique will remain.  The area of greatest interest was the exhibition of costumes and props that came after.  I'm happy to see that they covered the new and old series as well as having a few unusual treats.

The exhibition seems to be quite up to date, this isn't the original console but a replica made for the Adventure in Time and Space drama shown in November last year.

And the last version of the console seen on the original series with BBC Micros.

A strange auton-like facsimile of the 11th Doctor.

I'm not sure if this is an original Ice Warrior or not.  Not all the costumes in the exhibition are the originals.  Online I have seen a picture of an original Web Yeti but this wasn't present for my visit.

The Giant Robot was one costume I didn't get to see when the Museum of the Moving Image came around the country in about 1993 with Doctor Who monsters.  It really is huge and heavy, being shaped from metal sheet.

Various Cybermen heads, some original and some reproduction as above.

Daleks!  Of all ages, and a mix of genuine and reproduction.  The last in the line outside the picture is one of the larger Moffet-era Daleks.  It towers above the others which just looks odd.  The 60s Daleks look lovely.

A real treat, depending on your feelings for the McGann TV Movie, were the Master's robes.  I assumed these long gone or destroyed, but they have been preserved perfectly.  I took many photos of these for future reference use.

Bessie, just by the exhibition entrance.

There was a museum shop although generally quite expensive, and food being served near the entrance.  We walked into Cardiff Bay to eat there.  If you're in Cardiff and haven't seen the Exhibition yet, it's well worth visiting.

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